Connections that Power Business!

We have engineered innovative products for every internet need.

From revolutionizing the way microwave technology reaches rural areas, to offering competitive pricing on EoC, your search for that “something better” ends now.


With industry leading installation times, GeoLinks’ flagship service, ClearFiber™, offers customers fixed wireless on the most resilient and scalable network ever built.

Boasting Sub 25MS latency, 99.99% uptime, sub 4ms jitter, and a 4-hour max repair time, ClearFiber™ has completely revolutionized and redefined microwave technology.


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Flexible FiberOptic™


What’s the best internet connection outside of ClearFiber™? GeoLinks’ Flexible FiberOptic. By cross-connecting with every major carrier at our data-centers, we are able to provide the best scalable terrestrial option available on the market.


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Our FiberFusion™ is a bonded fiber optic Internet solution. By fusing multiple circuits through a single LAN, GeoLinks is able to aggregate bandwidth into one superior IP scope so if one mode of transport fails, your voice, video and VPN sessions will not drop. While GeoLinks typically uses this technology to combine ClearFiber™ with an ultra-low latency copper Ethernet circuit, we have the ability to aggregate up to 8 circuits with ANY type of technology or outside carrier.


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T1, DSL & Ethernet Over Copper

We offer EoC solutions that can be installed, stand alone or integrated with other products, via our FiberFusion service, with speeds up to 200 MBPS!

For when distance is a factor, EoC cannot reach or other products are not available, we offer standard T1 based services. ADSL1/2 – We also offer business class dry loop ADSL services and bonded ADSL services with speeds up to 45MBPS / 3MBPS. These products are more often added into a bundle with FiberFusion™ to create a well-blended service package with multi-path redundancy.


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